Viral Infections: Any way to Treat or Reduce Them?

doctor hopkin

What can you do for a viral infection??? Nothing!! (Hah!) End of story. Tough it out. “Good luck, Charlie!”

I cannot tell you how many thousands of times I have said this to my long-suffering patients, my own children, and to the ugly, congested guy I meet in the mirror some mornings. It has been part of Medical Catechism forever since before I came around.
The basic idea since Alexander Fleming accidentally discovered the antimicrobial effects of Penicillium mold in 1928, is that antibiotics can be effective in treating bacterial infections but not viral. Fleming’s discovery was a huge step forward because it gave humanity a fighting chance against many deadly illnesses that we no longer see as much of anymore (like diphtheria, for example). The new drug saved perhaps millions of lives during the latter half of WWII and it, and use of it and its relatives (Ampicillin, Amoxicillin, and Augmentin) have become almost a rite of passage for most children in the developed world for 50-60 years now. It was sort of like one’s obligatory trip to Disneyland; how could you grow up right without it??
But what about colds or flu? Viral infections? Forget about it!! Well, maybe not anymore….
I have been telling my patients for several years about the benefits of Immunopeptide spray. Made from bovine colostrum, this product does for the user what cow’s colostrum does for the new born calf—it revs up one’s immune system which is all we can do to prevent, shorten, or get over a viral infection. It works well, and I have been spared many colds over the years through its timely use when I was just coming down with an infection. We stock it in our office and many of our patient families keep it in their fridge to protect and treat themselves and their children when they come under viral “attack”.
Now we have a new natural product that actually treats viral infections! It is called Olivirex and is made by Bio Botanical Research, Inc., in California. It takes advantage of the strong antiviral effects of the olive leaf. Taken 3 times per day at the first appearance of any viral infection, it is effective in eradicating the problem sooner than one would otherwise fight it off. So let’s say you are a Scoutmaster and you are supposed to go on a 50 mile hike with 15 screaming, mischievous, adolescent boys and you are suddenly beset with a diarrheal viral illness. What do you do? Now you can already have on your medicine shelf at home some Olivirex!! You can start it and go on your trip. Or what if you are an Elementary School teacher of 28 little 4th grade monsters, and you catch a bad cold the day before the Yellowstone Field Trip! You could go on the trip feeling lousy and feed the kids to the bears one by one, or you could start Olivirex and go on the trip and forget that the little kids are the ones who infected you in the first place!
Olivirex is changing my best excuse for my innate laziness—“Well, you know, it IS a viral infection, so you’ll just have to wear it out!” Now I can tell you how to treat the virus as effectively as Alexander Fleming could treat your strep throat!! Don’t believe it?? Well, come to the office and let me convince you; come try it when you are ready to crawl up into a ball 12 hours into your next cold!”
We are open 8-8, Monday through Saturday, and we will offer a sympathetic ear even outside of those hours to anyone who calls our office number. We are Upper Valley Family Practice and Urgent Care, and we are not content to let you suffer, even if it is “just a viral infection“. Call today: (208)356-8883

We love sharing this valuable information with you. To learn more about Vitamin D and why it is important, click here.


– Dr. Hopkin

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