“Dr. Hopkin is the best doctor I have had. I expected our first appointment would run probably 20 minutes instead of 15 because it was a first-time visit and that’s how doctor’s work. No. Dr. Hopkin took time to get to know me, to ask me insightful questions and to teach me about what wasn’t going well for me physically. Our appointment was more than an hour and I was hanging on his every word. I actually wept because it was the first time a doctor has ever LISTENED to me and asked me real questions. He is compassionate and committed to making sure you understand yourself. My appointments with him have always been longer than I expected, but they’ve never, ever disappointed and not one moment of those visits are wasted. It’s how we SHOULD be treated by a doctor. After all, no one can listen and educate you about your body in a 15 minute appointment. Our quality conversations change my life. Go to him and listen to him. He is a true healer.”- Christina Hall


“Of all of the doctors I have ever taken my children to or that my husband or I have visited, Dr. Hopkin is by far the very best! He listens to you when you talk, he is friendly, and cares more about your health than most. His staff is phenomenal, very accommodating, and willing to do whatever it takes to get you better. I would recommend him above any doctor ever! He knows his medicine! He also does free seminars, and has knowledge in so many areas that you can have your whole family go to one doctor.”- Mysha Maxwell Miskin


“From the first time I called into this office and spoke directly to the doctor (Dr. Hopkins) I knew we found our family physician! Talking to the doctor in the first call….that never happens! Then one baby and five years later we moved back to Washington state. I just went back for my yearly check up. Yes I flew all the way to Rexburg, Idaho to see Dr. Hopkins.
He does listen and pays attention to his patients. Thank you doesn’t say enough for the middle of the night calls, giving us extra care when my husband was bucked off a horse, delivering our last child, and talking to my children about their concerns.
Not only is the Doctor amazing, the staff has always answered questions, given referrals, called with follow ups to check on us, understood when we had to switch insurance coverage, copies of sports physicals, etc…the list can go on and on. The most important part “I can count on them!”
It is hard to find that home town feel of a family doctor, but Dr. Hopkins has done just that. Thanks again to Upper Valley Family Practice.”- Julie Noack


“I have been going to Dr hopkin for about 18 years now. He has been with me through everything including ob care and labor and delivery with both my kids. He is great to my kids when they come in and his staff is all amazing. For my kids going to the Dr is something they look forward to. Even though my sister lives out of state she makes an appointment with him every time she comes to visit to make sure that her Dr has been doing the best things for her. Dr hopkin is always honest and he is caring.”- Jessica Lynne Mason


“I think Dr Hopkin was great!!! He takes the time to listen to his patients and he actually cares about what is going on. When listening to him, I felt like he cares more about quality not quantity. When you discussion any of your problems with him, you can tell he is very passionate about what he does. Most doctors when telling them about your medical problems don’t really listen. Dr Hopkin is great about using natural medicines. He knows what he is doing and loves it, that rare to find in a doctor. All of his staff was great and super friendly.”- Bre Loftus


“Dr. Hopkins is the Best and Most Compassionate Doctor and Caring Crew I’ve ever Experienced.”- Cherie Zahn


“I am very grateful to have chosen Dr. Hopkin for myself when I was pregnant with my daughter. I always felt well taken care of and informed.”- Kori Cox


“Dr. Hopkins has been an outstanding doctor for both myself and my newborn. He is the best one I’ve seen in Idaho. I love how personal the entire staff is and how helpful they are. I don’t just feel like another patient here but I know that each staff, especially Dr. Hopkins, knows me by name and I’m not just another face to them. This is a doctor that truly takes the time to listen to you and explain everything and those kind of doctors are hard to find! I went to Dr. Hopkins for all my prenatal care and the delivery of my baby and now I can continue seeing him and I don’t have to find a new pediatrician for my baby.”- Chandra Vela


“It is the special treatment and care that makes us feel comfortable in his care that always brings us back! I live in Idaho Falls and travel to Rexburg for his wonderful care. I have been seeing Dr Hopkin for almost 6 years. In those 6 year I have moved in and out of the area and each time I come back we go directly to him! I first went to him when I was pregnant with my first child and LOVED my experience. There was no to little wait time. The Dr always took time to answer questions that I had. I have gone back to him for 2 other pregnancy and have enjoyed it. My girls all love to go see him and he makes certain to be talk to them when we go in.”- Lois Draper


“I was very happy with all the attention I received the last 9 months. In all my prenatal visits he always took the time to answer all my questions, he was very nice and I never felt rushed or anything, they all are very nice :)”- Araceli Ruvalcaba


“I LOVE this staff! They are always so friendly and helpful!. Dr. Hopkin is amazing! I am very impressed with his expertise and professionalism in all areas! He is easy to talk too and makes you feel like you are an important patient to him. He has made a profound difference in my life. I’m so very grateful to him and his wonderful staff.”– Jeanine Harrop Hansen


“We are perhaps the biggest fans of Upper Valley Family Practice. They have been our family care providers since we started our family. The staff is amazing, and we always feel important and appreciated. We take our family to Upper Valley Family Practice because they ARE family!”- Lauren N Daniel Johnson


“Dr. Hopkin and his staff are great! They really care about my health and listen to what I have to say. They answer questions and take the time to be sure I understand what we discuss.”– Paula Jo Helm Merrill


“Dr. Hopkin has been my family doctor for around 7 years now, I have 4 children ages 3,5,7,and 11 and they all absolutly LOVE him!! It’s pretty sad when the kids will tell you they are sick and need to go to the doctor just so they can see Dr. Hopkin lol! His staff is amazing as well they all treat us like we are family, They all know us by name and are happy to see my kids everytime which makes me feel great, (even the receptionest Andrea) the kids have always called her Auntie Dre 🙂 It’s pretty awesome! All the staff at Upper Valley Family Practice are all loving, caring, and down to earth! Karin and Dr. Hopkin do an excellent job in making sure that all of our health care needs are meet, they take the time to answer any and all question we may have, I’ve never had to wait very long to be seen and also when I have givin them short notice about the kids being sick and needing to be seen right away and it has never been a problem they schedule us in without hesitation!!! So all in all I would recommend ANYONE who is in need of a Caring and knowledgeble Doctor to make an appointment with Dr. Hopkin and you will get to see for yourself just how amazing him and his staff really are!! :)”- Brandijo Arnold


“I loved going to Dr. Hopkins to have our baby girl. Really great experience. Really great staff. I recommend you go check them out!” – Morgan Piquet


“Dr. Hopkin is a wonderful, knowledgeable doctor. I trust him with both of my children. In fact, he took care of all of my prenatal appointments with both of my kids and delivered my son. I wouldn’t have it any other way. All of his staff are great people too. There is a lot of positive energy in his office because of him and his wonderful staff.”- Anitra Hillman


“Dr. Hopkin always takes time with you. You will NOT be rushed through his office like you were on a conveyer belt.”– Ron Weekes


“Dr. Hopkins is amazing! I trust him with my Boy 😉 He is a great doctor.”- Vanessa Allen

"You can count on us for ALL your medical needs"