Salivary Testing is Important

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I have mentioned in a couple of previous blogs that we rely heavily on salivary testing to measure hormone levels. Most of you probably snored through that the way you listen to a High Council speaker. But a few of you were thinking, “Salivary testing??—you mean you measure spit??—really??? How come? Why not use blood like everyone else does?”

We all live in the cells of our body. We perceive with the cells of our brain, we feel with the cells of our nervous system, we move by using our muscles cells, we circulate oxygen in our red blood cells. We don’t do any of those things in the serum in our blood which is what is usually measured in traditional labs and doctors’ offices (including ours). But if I really want to know whether or not you have the proper balance of estrogen and progesterone in your cells or if low cortisol levels in your cells are the reason for your perpetual fatigue and “fog”, then I would want to measure fluid from inside the cells, RIGHT?? Since it is real hard to skewer a cell and carefully collect and measure its miniscule amount of fluid, the functional solution is to collect and measure some fluid that comes from the cells of the body. So we could measure sweat, or tears, or semen, etc. But all of us make about a quart and a half of saliva daily, and it is made by the acinar cells of our salivary glands (it comes from our cells). It doesn’t require any needles to collect (you only have to drool) and it is less expensive than testing blood. So collecting and measuring saliva provides a perfect window into the hormonal state inside our cellswhere you and I really live our lives.

The power of such accurate measurement is that it allows us to very accurately know how to exactly restore you to health and full vigor. Remember feeling good? Can you remember when vigor was more than just a word in the last part of the dictionary?? All of us must get older, but we don’t have to diminish, we don’t have tlive in decline the last half of our years. The key is knowing how the body works, accurately measuring what is out of balance, and then restoring the hormone abnormality with safe and effective Bio-Identical Hormones. That is an important part of what we do here at Upper Valley Family Practice and Urgent Care. Our reason for deserving your trust is that we come to work every day to make you feel better, through and through. And we do it as naturally as you want us to.

So do you want to feel good again? Do you want to experience vigor again?? Give us a call (356-8883), make an appointment, and come in and see if you aren’t treated better than you have ever been treated before! We are here 8AM-8PM Monday thru Saturday to help you! If you want to feel really good, give us a try!

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