Annual Wellness Exams

From “cradle to age 18,” all needs are dealt with. Everything you would get at a Pediatrics office, but not as rushed. And there is something special about your children always being cared for by the same doctor who delivered them. Immunizations will be offered in our office as well. You will leave knowing how your child plots out on his/her growth chart and how they are doing developmentally.

Acute Illnesses

Who hasn’t worried and stayed up late with a sick child, wishing there was something you could do? Wishing your child would get sick while the doctor’s office was open! We are now open 8-8, Mon-Sat. And we will return calls after those times as well. Just call the office, speak to our answering service, and we will call you back to talk about your sick child.

Chronic Illnesses

Pediatric obesity and insulin resistance are epidemic these days. Want to prevent that in your child? Let us help by picking it up early and giving you concrete recommendations. If your child already is there, we can address that as well.

"You can count on us for ALL your medical needs"