The Family Medicine practiced at our office is of the broadest kind. We really take care of 90-95% of common medical issues in our own little office! Let me say that again: approximately 95% of all your whole family’s health care needs can be satisfied at Upper Valley Family Practice and Urgent Care! That means you can come to a single office where all of your family members are known personally  and cared about individually. We also approach medicine in a different manner than other offices. We utilize much more of a natural approach whenever possible and we really believe that there is an answer to all of your complaints.


If you go to most offices in the area for fatigue, you will have your thyroid and blood count checked and then you will be put on an anti-depressant or a sleeping pill. We go much deeper diagnostically, pursuing cortisol levels, male and female hormone balances, food allergies, gastrointestinal health, toxin exposure, neurotransmitter levels, vitamin and mineral deficiency, and much, much more. Then, when we have found the problems, we endeavor to correct them as naturally as you want us to. We know and can prescribe all the medicines any other doctor can, but natural cures are seldom “sharp on both sides” (they have fewer side effects) as compared to prescription medicines.


But what really separates us from other offices is the time we spend with you, especially the time spent listening to your concerns and answering your questions. If we listen and ask the right questions, you will lead us to what is wrong most of the time. When was the last time your doctor was with you for an entire hour? That happens in our office every day! That may sound like boasting, but if you come in you will see it is true. It is our practice philosophy.


"You can count on us for ALL your medical needs"