What it is?

Obstetrics is a very important aspect of medicine and surgery that relates to pregnant women and childbirth. Obstetrics covers pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, labor, and post-pregnancy.


Usually refers to the time a women starts contemplating pregnancy. Obstetric care during this time usually relates to diet, lifestyle, and environmental information that will help aid in becoming pregnant.

During Pregnancy

Obstetrical care includes routine checkups for pregnant women, monitoring mother and fetus health.

During Child Labor

Obstetrics helps determine when labor begins and when labor should be induced. Obstetric care providers can also help provide pain relief during child labor.

Post Pregnancy

This is considered to be checkups from one month to 6 weeks after birth. Checkups during this time continue to monitor mother and baby health. One of the reasons obstetrics is important throughout pregnancy, is that it increases the health of the mother and baby while also improving pregnancy success rates. This is very important as all pregnancies come with high risk that could be caused by young or old maternal ages, being overweight or underweight, problems from previous pregnancies, or pre-existing health conditions.


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