I have been musing more about how vast the changes coming at humans really are. If my parents were still alive, my mother and father would be 96 and 94 respectively. They grew up in Star Valley without electricity, refrigeration, indoor toilets or water (hot or cold). Most transportation in their childhood was by horse; only the fortunate few had automobiles (my Dad was always trying to borrow a car to endender some Saturday night canoodling!). People ate what they grew and either ate it in season or bottled it. The “frozen meat department” was either in your cold cellar or in the barn (if you had one). You knew you had made it through another long Star Valley winter if you could go outside and pick and eat the new dandelion greens poking up through the late spring snow in May.  Air flight was still relatively new when Mom and Dad were little, but they watched men walk on the moon when they were the age I am now. So much change in a lifetime! So little time to adapt! No wonder it is so hard to keep up!

The same is true for our nutrition. The “grocery store” in Joseph Smith’s time was little more than another clapboard building that contained burlap sacks of whole grains (wheat, oats, rice), potatoes, salt, salted meats, coffee, lard. No chemical preservatives, no dyes, no gamma irradiation or freeze drying. Joseph Smith did not eat anything that had not been on someone’s table somewhere in the world for the last 5,000 years. But now look at us! And look at our grocery stores now! Our modern grocery store would be bewildering to Joseph Smith. Even the “fresh” foods there are highly processed and have been picked unripe and transported hundreds or thousands of miles before arriving on those shelves. Look at the breakfast cereal aisle. Row after row of processed, artificially sweetened, textured, and colored  “Styrofoam” that have been sprayed with 25% of the daily RDA of several vitamins like they were high gloss Ford Taurus fenders rolling off an assembly line in Detroit!! And look at the drink isle. All they had in 1830 was water, coffee (if they were lucky), spirits (if they were luckier!), and fresh unpasteurized whole milk. Now in Winco there are multiple isles of tasty carbonated beverages to choose from, the only “natural” components of which are the sugar and the water!

And how are our “guts” responding to all these changes?? Our poor intestinal tracts are understandably “confused” and rebelling. In the history of the world there has never been a culture with better access to wholesome food who has remained so undernourished!! This is true. Go back to my blog on IV nutrition. Why do we need such supplemental IV therapy?? Because our GI tracts are overtaxed and malfunctioning while we are shoveling down more empty calories per day than ever before.

This malnutrition manifests are fatigue, joint and muscle inflammation, headaches, diminished sex drive and performance, brain fog, and on and on! And yet most doctors check for a few of the “standard causes”, such as thyroid disease and anemia, then they start their patients on Prozac, etc. (a way of saying “I don’t know what else to do.”)

If all of this sounds all-too-familiar” to you, then call us and come in to discuss it. WE DO KNOW WHAT TO DO and will have you feeling better in no time! And what have you got to lose other than your fatigue and headaches?…..
We look forward to working with you! You deserve to feel as good as you want to feel!

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