Male Health

Annual Wellness Exams

Include “the works.” You will get a thorough exam and testing, appropriate for your age and circumstances. You will leave knowing your relative risks and concrete changes you can make in your lifestyle to preserve health and prevent disease in advance. DOT exams are also done and, yes, we are certified to perform these!

Sexual Dysfunction and Prostate Health

Testosterone therapy has come under some recent scrutiny because of reported sudden cardiac deaths with replacement treatments. It is not actually the testosterone causing cardiac deaths or prostate cancer; if it were then all the twenty year old “Adonis’s” would be dead or dying. Salivary testing for male hormones is cheap, painless, and more accurate than blood testing. Understanding the basic physiology of male hormones allows safe and effective treatment of any deficiency state.

Male hormone imbalance

Accurate measurement via saliva testing allows for safe and appropriate therapy tailored to each man’s needs.

Weight management

The same principles govern here as in women, except that weight loss is easier for most men (meaning you don’t have to work as hard per pound as your wife—but don’t tell HER that!)

Joint and Muscle health

“Weekend Warriors” require extra TLC when they overdo.


"You can count on us for ALL your medical needs"