General Adult Health

We prefer to prevent illness, but disease will certainly come in some way eventually. We treat in standard fashion Hypertension, Diabetes, Elevated Cholesterol, Heart Disease, Cardiac Rhythm Disorders, Congestive Heart Disease, Autoimmune (like Rheumatoid) Disorders, Skin Diseases (including skin cancers), Chronic Bowel Diseases, Arthritis, Depression, Mood Disorders, Insomnia, and much, much more. There really is little we don’t treat. And we take diagnostic testing to new levels that no one else in the area is offering. If you don’t feel well, there is a reason and we will do all we can to discover and treat the problem!

Colonoscopy and Upper Endoscopy

We perform these as screenings or in response to symptoms or concerns. Our prices are considerably less than those of specialists doing the same tests.

Cardiac Stress Testing

The single most predictive factor in developing heart disease is your family history. If your family history is heavy with heart disease, especially if you are overweight, stressed, have diabetes, hypertension, or elevated cholesterol, then you should be proactive rather than retroactive. You don’t have to be Bill Gates to screen for coronary heart BEFORE you have a heart attack! Do you want to know how close to danger you really are? We can figure it in time to avert a problem.

HRV (heart rate variability) and BIA (body impedance analysis)

The new technologies we use in our office allow us a much deeper look into the reasons for fatigue, malaise and insomnia. If you just don’t feel well, then these tests will allow us to figure out how to make you better. And they are covered under most insurance, including Medicare. These tests are entirely painless (no needles involved) and require only about 3-5 minutes each.

Digital Pulse Analyzer

The Digital Pulse Analyzer is also new to our office and will allow us to measure the health of your blood vessels in general. This will then allow us to “clean them up” (for lack of a better term) before they become a problem. It is a device that attaches to your finger and toe; the test is done in about 3 minutes. Since about 2/3’s of us will die of heart disease, this test has huge prevention potential. And we are really into prevention!


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