Female Health

Annual Wellness Exams

Tailored for each stage of life.

Full service Obstetrics

We treat normal, high risk, twins and C-section pregnancies.

Premarital exams and contraceptive counseling

Therapy helping couples prepare for marriage. The goal is to help you sustain and build a strong relationship that will last.We can also help you with understanding the different types of birth control, what is best for you and your options.

Basic Infertility

Covers most of the trouble that couples have getting and keeping pregnancies.

Office Gynecology

Pap smears, recurrent yeast problems, annual female exams broadly interpreted.<

Hormone Imbalance Assessment and Treatment

We utilize salivary testing and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement to treat hormone imbalance. If your hormones are out of balance YOU WILL NOT FEEL WELL PHYSICALLY OR EMOTIONALLY and the solution is NOT an ANTI-DEPRESSANT! Your libido will be down or absent and you will sleep poorly, gain weight, and may feel angry or frustrated often! Balanced hormones = happy woman! Accurate testing and use of safe, natural hormones is the way we like to treat hormone imbalances.

Cancer Screening

We have all heard that estrogen contributes to breast cancer, but it is really estrone (E1), and only two of its metabolites are dangerous. We can measure those metabolites and divert those pathways naturally. Want to know and limit your risk for breast cancer? We can tell you and protect you.

Weight Management

Are you tired of hearing from your doctor, “eat less and exercise more?” Well there are many other controllable factors involved, all of which can be measured and addressed. We offer a weekly, supervised VLC (very low calorie) weight loss program with which you WILL lose weight! But weight loss is not always healthy. We believe in real wellness in mind, body, and spirit; we want you to feel as good as you deserve!

Osteoporosis Screening and Treatment


"You can count on us for ALL your medical needs"