I wanted to get a MOST IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT out to our dear patients and friends.
After almost 10 months of manning the clinic alone, I am immeasurably pleased (you have no idea….) to announce that HELP IS ARRIVING!!! Her name is Jamie Gudmunson. She was an ER nurse for 6 years before she took her training to become a Nurse Practitioner (NP). Many of you have already met her because she rotated here a total of about 4 out of the last 15 months. She just passed her Boards with flying colors and we are only waiting now for her Idaho license to arrive before she starts. Jamie is married and has two children, a boy and a girl. Her husband, Cody, is a Freemont County Sheriff’s Deputy. They make their home in St. Anthony and are, hence, here to stay! Of course, I am deliriously happy to have her join me. (it is just beyond words).

Jamie is a new NP grad, but she has been taking care of sick and injured patients for nearly 10 years. I have worked with her for many months. I feel really fortunate to find her. She is personable, pleasant, and she is a whole lot cuter than I am. But there is a tangible difference between Jamie and most health care providers I have known.

She cares.

After a visit with her you will know that Jamie signed on for the entire package when she went into medicine. She didn’t sign up for the money or the fame (I mean, look who she is working with, doh!?). She clearly wants to help people. And you will know that. Watch how long she listens to you, and how hard she works to meet your needs. Notice how kind she is to your children who aren’t being seen. Pay attention to how she makes you feel about your humanity while you are here. You will leave feeling cared for in every way.

Primary care providers working for Intermountain Health Care in Utah are now given 10 minutes to complete each patient visit before they must move on. In California, Kaiser Health Care family docs are limited to 7 minutes before a light and an alarm go off signaling them to move to the next room. There are offices in this town (Rexburg) where, if you are on Medicaid insurance, you will only be seen for one problem per visit. If you have 3 complaints, you will be seen for each one on 3 different days.

Those of you who call our office home already know that we do things differently at Upper Valley Family Practice and Urgent Care. You are treated like family. We listen and we care.

Please accept my invitation to make your next appointment with Jamie Gudmunson, our new provider. She and I see health care the same way. Reach out and give her a try. You will realize that you are not losing your favorite doctor; you are simply making a new friend!

Call us for your health care needs. We are open 8 AM to 8 PM, Monday through Saturday. We will even call you back after hours if you need. In every way that we can we will show you that we care.

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Our notice to Upper Valley Family Medicine patients regarding the novel Coronavirus.