Time to Start Feeling Better!

“I wish I knew what was wrong with me! I am not sick but I feel lousy; I have no fever, cough, or “illness”, but I don’t feel like myself. I am normally happy, bouncy, I have energy; now I feel grumpy and I find myself wanting to be more selfish with my time (I don’t want to always help the kids and my husband—I want them to help me). I can’t get this extra weight off from the last baby; I don’t feel attractive and I don’t feel like being intimate (and that creates even more stress!) I don’t sleep at night and I am tired all the time! And don’t even start with me about writing in my journal, baking bread, or food storage!! What is happening to me???”

Do you think you are the only one who feels this way? To find another sufferer, all you need do is look over your side or back fences. Really. Or if you feel good, you probably have a husband who fits this description—“The Lousy Slob!” Well, trust me when I say that no one wants to feel bad or be crabby; it just sort of happens…..a lot…..to most of us.

Have you gone to your provider and had some blood tests done, been told they were OK, and then been put on an anti-depressant as though that was a solution??

The cause of the above symptoms could be adrenal, hormonal, food allergies, gut pathology (wrong bacteria in the colon), neurotransmitter imbalance, toxin overload, thyroid deficiency, or many, many other things. BUT NONE OF THEM ARE FIXED BY PROZAC!!!

Now I can accurately measure your sex hormones and cortisol’s in saliva, measure your neurotransmitters in a simple urine test, check for toxins and heavy metals (also in urine), easily assess your gut health (which is actually where most of your neurotransmitters are actually made). And then I CAN FIX (ie, CURE) THESE PROBLEMS!!

There is more I will write about when it comes to the testing we routinely do here at Upper Valley Family Practice and Urgent Care to solve your problems. The important message to get across here is that if you don’t feel well, we will find the cause and fix it! We don’t cover up the problem with Prozac very much; we prefer to rectify the real problem instead.

If fixing your health problems and feeling well are what you would like from your doctor, then you may want to give us a call and come in. See if we don’t listen better than anywhere you have been before. Try us and see! At Upper Valley Family Practice and Urgent Care, feeling good doesn’t have to be just a memory. Call us today: (208) 356-8883

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