Complete Family Health Care

That means you can come to a single office where all of your
family members are known personally and cared about individually.

Pediatric Care | Rexburg, ID


From “cradle to age 18,” all needs are dealt with. Everything you would get at a Pediatrics office, but not as rushed. And there is something special about your children always being cared for by the same doctor who delivered them.

Obstetrics | Rexburg, ID


Obstetrics is a very important aspect of medicine and surgery that relates to pregnant women and childbirth. Obstetrics covers pre-pregnancy (pre-natal), pregnancy, labor, and post-pregnancy (postpartum).

Adult Health Care | Rexburg, ID

Adult Health

We prefer to prevent illness, but disease will certainly come in some way eventually. We treat in standard fashion Hypertension, Diabetes, Elevated Cholesterol, Heart Disease, Cardiac Rhythm Disorders...


Our Video

At Upper Valley Family Practice & Urgent Care we promise to listen and provide the best help to meet your specific needs. Since 2005 Dr. Hopkins and his staff have been helping the families of Rexburg with their medical...


My Thoughts Regarding Covid-19 and Vaccines

About the Covid-19 Vaccine | Dr. Hopkins | Upper Valley Family Practice | Rexburg, ID READ POST